Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Round Top: Round One

As most of you know, I have been anxiously waiting for the Round Top Antique Show for the last few weeks. Well it came, I went (twice), and now I must wait till Fall for it to come again. But...I am thankful that it only comes twice a year. Antiquing is serious business, my friends! Serious business! :)
This is an account of my first day at Round Top.

Round 1: Marburger Farm
My mom and I kicked off Round Top season at Marburger Farm. My friend Brandi also went with us, but she didn't have quite as much time to meander as we did, so she went her own way, at her own pace and we met up with her for lunch. And for an added bonus, we pulled up a few more chairs for Erin and her mom.

For this trip I had a pretty clear objective. A coffee table. I didn't want just a coffee table though, I was on the hunt for a big, wooden trunk. Maybe something like this:
I wasn't sure if I wanted a natural finish or something wonderfully painted and distressed, but I figured, I would know it when I saw it.

Tent after tent, I would find pieces that were beautiful but way out of my budget. If I did find something I could afford, it was too small or a crazy color...just not the right look. By 2:30 or so, the pressure to find my coffee table was building, but I wasn't letting it get to me. I was after all, at Round Top. With my mom. With money to spend. What could be better?

Well, at our second to last tent my heart, along with my optimism was crushed. My mom and I were leisurely walking down the tent aisle. The lady in front of us strolled into a booth, while mom and I took a peek but kept walking. I stopped and turned back though, because there on the wall of the booth was a big, green painted trunk. Based on the size and the condition of it, I knew it would be way too expensive, but just to torture myself, I went to look. I found myself standing next to the lady that was walking in front of us. I assumed that she was looking at the two lamps that were sitting on my trunk. We couldn't possibly be looking at the same thing at the same moment. I looked down at the price tag. $240!!!!! "Oh my gosh! That's well within my budget! Is this a joke?!!!" I looked at my mom in shock, and just as my heart was beginning to swell with the glorious satisfaction of finding the perfect thing, I remembered the lady and thought to myself that she was looking at those ugly lamps an awfully long time. I heard myself speak, "Are you looking at this?" (I was pointing to my trunk) She nodded. "Ok. No problem. Have your look and keep on walkin' lady." My mom and I walked a little ways off. We didn't want the lady to think she found something, you know? I heard her tell the dealer that she was going to look around a little and she'd be back. "Perfect! I'll snag it right under her rich, little heinie." (I don't actually know that she was rich, but I've decided that she was. I will now refer to her as the rich lady.) I went up to my trunk, and I asked the dealer if the rich lady bought it. She said yes. I was so sad. It was so perfect. I loved the color. The size was great for my ginormous couch. The price...fantastic! With only one tent left to go, I was pretty sure that the rich lady just bought my only possible prospect.

We went through our last tent and a few little buildings along the side with no luck. I stalked my trunk for a while, hoping the rich lady changed her mind, but she didn't. I was positively pouty! Good thing it was at the end of the day.

Besides my trunk being stolen from me, it was a fabulous day! I had so much fun with my mom. I can't wait to go with her again in the fall! Here were are chatting with friends and sippin' some iced tea.
And here's my one purchase of the day.
The laundry sign. My washer and dryer are quite conspicuously located in my kitchen. I thought it would be sort of funny to label that it's not so stinkin' obvious! I'll hang it above that window, just haven't done it yet.

So that's Round Top: Round One. I'll try to blog about Round Two tomorrow. For anyone going tomorrow (Saturday)...happy hunting!


annette said...

I may go tomorrow. Should I send up a flare if I see a trunk?

xxoo Mrs Annette

Steph said...

:) Nope...Round Two has a happy ending! Have fun!!!!!

Abbie said...

Ohhh how fun!! I would have held rich lady in a choke hold for you so you could have taken off with the trunk. I'm just nice like that. :)

Casey said...

oh i can't wait to hear about round two... i am going tomorrow and can hardly wait!! maybe that is why i am still up?? well... i hope i have as much luck as you and erin, finding great finds, within your budget! wish us happy shoppers luck!