Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Braelyn's World

For the last few days, as Braelyn and I have been play dating and traveling, seeing family and just doing what we do, I've tried to catch some of her favorite moments...just a picture or two a day, capturing what makes my toddler gloriously happy.

The Play Date:
Braelyn and I had such a fun morning with our new friends Amy, Laith and baby Bela. And oh Lord, was she in heaven when she got to hold him! Bela, I think had a different opinion of the experience :).
We also made bird feeders. The perfect play date, I would say!

We left the play date and began the drive to Dallas with Meme (my mom) and Grandma Toops (my grandma). "Ring Pops are delicious!" she says. (Not only are they delicious, but also useful for happy car rides.)
Family Gatherings:
When we arrived, Braelyn was delighted to meet a few of her cousins for the first time.But it was this cousin that had Braelyn's undivided attention. Shocking, I know!
Back at Home:
Today at the library......with purse and baby in hand, of course.


annette said...

Beautiful pictures. Have a great weekend and a blessed Sabbath!

Catherine Haskew said...

Very cute pics steph! I never knew B was so into babies. And she is such a girlie girl!