Monday, August 18, 2008

Today's Best & Worst

THE BEST: Braelyn went tee tee in the potty today!!!! I couldn't believe it! She's been asking a lot lately to go on the potty, but nothing ever happens. I think she just likes to wash her hands after. But this morning, Casey was giving her a bath, and I asked him to have her sit on the potty after they were done and before she put a diaper on. She sat there for a few minutes and when she got up...there it was!!! Tee tee!!! Yea!!! So far it's been a solitary event, but's progress. (I am not formally potty training her, btw. My strategy is to just let her try when she wants to and suggest it at key times, like in the morning and before/after a bath. It's a no-pressure approach. We'll see how it goes. :)

THE WORST: Honestly, there was no worst today. After a very busy (working) weekend, Casey took the day off. We took it easy in the morning, took a family trip to the grocery store (I secretly enjoy this), had lunch and then we all took a wonderfully long nap during the storm (bonus!), then we ran a couple of errands and enjoyed a nice dinner at the Saloon. Now, Braelyn's in bed and Casey and I are about to watch a movie.'s a good day.

I have a couple things I want to blog about this week:
1. A church update...exciting things are happening!
2. I was tagged so I have a few random facts about myself to share.
3. We've added and changed some stuff in a couple of rooms of our house, so I thought I'd post some pics...and I have a question about something...maybe you guys can help?!

I guess that's it for me.
Casey is currently in the middle of a Vlog comment contest with our pastor and friend Justin Hyde. Stop by and show him some Vlog love!!!!!
Have a good night, y'all!

OH MY GOSH!! WAIT! I DO have a worst...I thought I left my phone at my parent's house. Turns out I accidentally left it at Subway. My mom went by there to see if they had it, but no. Somebody was already using it!!!! This is like the 2nd time this year this has happened!!! Aren't there any honest people in the world?!!!! UGH!!!


annette said...

Sorry a thief got your phone. Glad you had such a great day w/ the fam.

kimb said...

Your family encourages me! I found your blog through Casey's. I just wanted to say hi :)