Sunday, August 3, 2008

Today's Best & Worst

THE BEST: Praying through the rooms of our new church building. After church this evening, instead of sharing a meal together we went to the future home of Christ Church to see as a community what God has provided, what work there is to be done and of course, to pray that God would bless it, the people in it and the community around it. It was a beautiful and exciting time. I'll try to post more on this subject sometime this week. For now, let me direct you to our building's blog: 1302 Washington. There you'll find some pics, updates on the renovations, etc.

THE WORST: This morning I was giving Braelyn a bath and she she filled up a little scooper with water and threw it in my face. Now, at the end of my day that seems like a pretty good "WORST." But at the time I was not very happy with her.


annette said...


Wonderful to hear about the new building. I cannot wait for the praise reports about the great things the Lord has done for Christ Church.

xxoo AFH

mandi said...

oh man- how many times have i been hit in the face while bathing the kids (courtesy of levi)?!? i hear ya friend- not a fun experience! : )