Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Here...Sort Of

Hello Readers,
How are you? Well, I hope. I'm sorry I've been a little negligent with my blog lately. I was writing several times a week and now it seems I'm doing good to get one in. The truth is I feel a little negligent with lots of things in my life right now...housework, reading, making time for friends, doing fun and creative things with Braelyn, and yes, even my time with God has been a little sparse...which I realize is where this little downfall began.

I'm not depressed or anything...there's no need for concern (I'm talking to some specific folks here! :)...I'm just feeling a little out of sorts. I can't seem to get into a rhythm or routine. But I will...I always do.

So anyways, just wanted to let you know that I am here and thinking of you. I'm ready to get back into a blog groove again. It's funny how blogging has become this sort of gauge for how the rest of my life is going. When I am doing my job well, being intentional with the most important things (people, really) in my life, allowing the Lord to fill and guide my days, choosing discipline over laziness (or busyness)...I am more able to think, to process, to notice life, and therefore I am able to share more with you.

I miss noticing.
I miss appreciating.
I miss sharing.

I hope I will be back tomorrow.



mandi said...

oh steph- i know that feeling! it's funny how much peace comes out of living purposefully. know that you're not alone. ; )

Jenny said...

I completely understand. (This from someone who has a blog and is no where near as attentive as you.) August has also seen me unscheduled, unorganized and yep, unmovtivated. But with things jumpstarting at church, and the girls more packed than normal extracurricular and school schedule I am being kicked into gear. Your blog community will be here when you are ready.

annette said...


I pray the Lord refreshes you spriritually, physically, and mentally.

Luv ya!

Courtney said...

You should know that we've missed you too! I'll keep praying for you.